Divine Healing

ENERGETIC HEALING -10 week online

Next class Starts on Monday January 10th at 6:30 pm pacific and is taught by Haley Bennett

Surrounding our body is a field of energy called the aura. Everything that we think, feel and do is transmitted through this energetic field. It also absorbs the thoughts, pain and emotions of other people. Healing the auric field can positively affect our relationships, various life situations, states of mind and even our physical health. If our spiritual and energetic fields are blocked or in a state of dis-ease this filters down and eventually can have a negative effect on the physical body. It starts in the energetic field first. In this class you will learn how to heal these energetic areas which will allow your body to more easily heal itself. 

In the Energetic Healing Course you'll learn how to heal others as well as yourself with the use of an individually selected healing master. This is a supportive guide which students use for the rest of their lives. 
Don’t think for a second that this is the kind of class where you will be sitting, listening, and taking notes. This class is full of laughing and fun! You will be up and working on your fellow students and feeling, lighter, brighter and healthier in the process.

By the time you’re finished you will have learned how to:

•  Replenish, retain, and recognize your own energy.

•    Protect your energetic space and heal without taking on the energy of others.
•    Start to learn and feel the difference between your energy and the energy of others.
•    Feel chakras, energy channels, the aura and other energies with your hands.
•    Tune, align and balance chakras
•    Clear out blocks in energy channels and cleanse and repair the aura.
•    Release energy cords that limit your growth, freedom and your ability to consciously manifest your goals.

•    Learn how to remove “energy whacks” that cause judgment, competition, and invalidation

•    You will feel better around other people and in groups.
•    You will feel more emotionally even keeled and energetically stable.

  • Learn to Heal any topic of your choice. Great for manifesting.

  • Learn to heal the energy of any Relationship.

•    Use a proven system to work with spirit guides.
•    Have a deeper understanding of the inter dimensional world we live in.
•    Operate with more amusement.
•    Perform long distance and relationship healings.
•    Heal a room or other physical space and objects
•    Create a deeper awareness of your psychic abilities.

We all have a physical body, an energetic body and a spiritual body. These energetic spaces hold separate information but are also interconnected. Learning how to heal and integrate our physical, energetic and spiritual spaces is one of the greatest, most healing gifts we can give ourselves.

 We are all made up of various fields of energy: our aura, energetic and spiritual bodies.  And sometimes those fields become dis-regulated. How? Well we can energetically be impacted by other peoples energy, we can have stored old emotions, or events, even our own thoughts and beliefs can affect these areas. Healing our energetic bodies helps us feel happier, lighter, more energized, more emotionally stable and more emotionally even keeled. When we are not carrying around these energetic blocks as well as the energy of others, it’s easier to manifest and take action towards the kind of life we are wanting.

For those that are sensitive to the energy of others – this class is a life changer.  Learning this language of energy what’s yours, what’s others and then learning how to separate the two – can transform how you feel about being around others and being in the world.  

Energetic healings help our bodies too. You see, dis-ease, dis-regulation starts in the energetic field long before it manifests in the body. So healing the blocks in those fields, allows the body to more easily heal itself.

Energetic Healing -  starts Monday Jan 10th 2022 at 6:30 pm. It is being taught by Haley Bennett  And it runs for 10 weeks.

This is going to be a fun, jam packed experience that will rock your world and will give you tools and methodology to feel lighter, brighter and happier. You will have a blast getting back to your true authentic self. And these tools and this language of energy is one you will use for the rest of your life.
So… step into the joyful experience of growing and healing.

You are worth it.


The Total Price of the entire 8 weeks is $450.00

Early Bird Rate is available before January 9th. Sale Price is $380

Meet Haley Bennett

Haley is teaching Energetic Healing this January. She first began as a meditation student in January of 2017 and has since graduated from the 2-year Clairvoyant program and Teachers and Leaders. Haley has worked with children and parents at a preschool, a counseling center and has received her BS in social science with a Spanish minor. She fondly remembers her time studying abroad in Costa Rica and Spain and looks forward to her next adventure. Aside from energetic tools and traveling Haley also holds an immense love for animals and nature.