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Intuitive Path Academy

Energetic and Psychic Training.

Awaken and Discover your Abilities.


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Kawena Charlot is the founder and director of the Intuitive Path Academy.  She’s a gifted psychic, medium, and healer who founded the school in 2012. Her clients vary from stay-at-home moms to TV Stars. She has assisted thousands of people reach their goals, heal, step up energetically and spiritually, and enhance their intuitive abilities. The powerful energetic tools she teaches have helped thousands of people manage their lives with more ease, feel better on multiple levels and make amazing steps toward the life of their dreams.

Whether you want to learn how to: enhance your clairvoyance, energetically problem solve, or simply start feeling great – taking Kawena’s classes is an enlightening experience that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. If you want to manage and understand the energy in and around you and enhance your intuitive abilities, she’s one of the best teachers you’ll find anywhere.


Live Changing

Kawena's classes are life changing! I'm an empath and in her meditation class and  the Clairvoyant program, I  released so much  trauma and foreign energy that I' finally came back into alignment with myself.

I have even manifested a new house, new careers, and am healing  many of my relationships. The classes are fun, and you connect with so many other high vibrational people.


Angel, gifted, talented, wise, specific, direct, funny...begins to describe Kawena. I have had 6 sessions over 15 months and she has helped me grow personally and professionally.  All sessions were over the phone. She's amazing and delivers results. I recommend Kawena to anyone who is serious about achieving positive change in their life


Kawena's Intuitive Path Academy is a magical place. I've gotten life-changing insights, and am happier and more content because of the tools I've learned here.

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Intuitive Meditation &
Energetic Healing

These classes have helped thousands of people manage their lives with more ease, heal on multiple levels, and take amazing steps toward the life of their dreams. Learning how to control your energetic space and create intuitively is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Get more information or sign up by clicking the link below.

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Take a deep dive into enhancing your intuitive abilities. In this program you'll learn how to read clairvoyantly, heal exponentially and transform your life. You'll have psychic adventures. Learn to get your own answers. Heal layers of karma and old wounding. You'll deepen your relationship with source. As well as get a thorough training on your energetic system and the energetic workings of the universe around us.

Be Part of a Community!

No matter who you are or where you've come from,

you'll fit in at Intuitive Path Academy

1535 SE 9th Ave. Portland, OR 97214


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