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  • Is everyone Psychic?
    Everyone is born with intuition. It’s a human ability. But it manifests differently with different people. Some people feel energy (clairsentient). Some hear it (clairaudient). Some see it (Clairvoyant). Some people perceive with a mixture of several abilities. A lot of times these senses are stronger when we are kids and then often times people turn these abilities down or off as they age. They do this because they want to fit in and they don’t want to feel different or crazy. Maybe they had an experience they couldn’t control or handle and so they dampened those abilities. But these abilities can be turned on again and used to benefit ones life with the right energetic tools.
  • How does one heal with the use of Intuitive tools and abilities?
    These abilities help in so many ways. But for the sake of keeping it short I will focus on the main four: A) We are all speaking the language of energy all the time. As humans we are like radio antenna’s that pick up other people’s emotions, thoughts, impressions even physical aches and pains. Learning the difference between what’s our energy and what’s the energy of others and learning how to separate and release that energy – makes a massive difference in how you feel and function in the world. It’s a must in terms of mental health. B) We store what we call Mental Image Pictures in our bodies and aura, as well as unprocessed emotions from ourselves as well as others. When you release this unprocessed energy and emotion with simple and powerful energy tools, it’s easier to create what we want, to feel better, to see clearly and to go through life feeling more even keeled. We are all souls who have had many, many experiences. Sometimes those experiences can affect our current life time. There are a broad number of energetic and spiritual tools that help release the karma, agreements and blocks from the past so we can create the future we desire. We work at achieving what we call seniority. Which is where we are not (or a good deal less) influenced mentally, emotionally, and energetically, by outside sources. We each have an energetic anatomy. That once you are clairvoyant you are able to see. Once you see and understand that anatomy it’s easier to heal, manage your mind and emotions and create energetically. This leads to healing. Kind of like understanding the physical body and giving it what it needs leads to healing of the physical self.
  • How does one grow spiritually with the use of Intuitive tools and abilities?
    When one see’s energy and the interdimensional world around us it’s very hard not to become spiritual. When you can talk to your deceased grandparent you know that there is life after death. When you can see angels, and Jesus, and ghandi and the man formerly known as Prince it’s easier to believe in God. When you read past lives it’s easy to start taking actions so as not to create karma. And when you can talk to God and get answers back, it’s easier to develop a personal relationship with the divine.
  • You say that you can create the life you want with these energy tools. How does that work?
    Creating the Life we Want. – When our mind, body, and spirit is in alignment, it’s easier to create and manifest and go for what we want. When we know energetic tools to help clear our path and manifest it’s even easier. When we know how to talk to the divine and work with the energetic and interdimensional world manifesting gets even easier. And lastly – the more we clear out the goals of others and the better we get to know ourselves – the easier it is to create the life that we want.
  • Is it scary or dangerous to open up psychic abilities?
    No. It’s not scary. We don’t open people up, until they have the tools to handle what they are experiencing. And once people have the tools to manage their space or release spirits then intuitive abilities go from being possible scary to fun and exciting.
  • Can I turn my intuitive abilities on and off?
    Yes. We teach psychic development in a way that allows you to turn your abilities on and off. For example Clairvoyance is like putting on a pair of glasses. If you want you can see the world exactly like everyone else does, then walk around like normal. If you want to see the world interdemensionally, then flip on your Clair glasses and whalla you see a different layer of reality.
  • Is it really possible to feel better if I’m energetically sensitive/ an empath?
    Absolutely. Just learning how to get in your body, separate your aura from others and learning how to release the thoughts, energy, feelings, and even physical pain of others will make a huge difference towards feeling better in your mind and body. Most people report feeling more even keeled, less stressed, more energized, less spinney in their thoughts and more willing to embrace amusement and joy.
  • I don’t have any psychic ability? Is it really possible for me to learn?
    Absolutely yes. With meditation, the right energy tools and practice, anyone can enhance their psychic abilities and use them to benefit their life. While psychic ability naturally comes in stronger in some families, it is very much a learnable skill. Usually, when people become fluent in the language of energy, they realize that they were more psychic then they thought they were all along.
  • I heard/saw or saw a paranormal thing that scared me. Can I learn how to remove spirits from my space?
    Yes. We teach students safe and effective ways of handling the interdimensional world around them. Releasing spirits is a part of getting seniority and it’s one of the many things we teach in the Clairvoyant program.
  • I talked to a psychic once and I didn’t like their info and/or they were wrong. Does that mean that psychic ability doesn’t exist?
    There are different levels of ability, attitude and behavior in all professions including this one. Just because one person was “wrong” doesn’t mean that psychic ability doesn’t exist. Also, keep in mind that the world is not “fated”. Our actions, thoughts and ever changing beliefs can and do affect the outcomes of different situations. All psychics (even the ones that believe the world is fated) are reading how a person is setting energy. If a person decides to change their energetic field – then the outcome can change. That’s one of the reasons why studying psychisim and the movement of energy can be so powerful.
  • I have already studied metaphysics. Can I go straight into the clairvoyant program?
    If you have studied the same tools at a comparable school then I or one of our staff can do an “energy check” on you. What this means is we will have you go through the tools and clairvoyantly watch to see that you understand and know how to use them. If that is indeed the case – then you can go into the clairvoyant program. If on the other hand, you haven’t learned all the same tools, then it’s best to start with the Intuitive Meditation Class which is an amazing foundation of energy work. This really is a language and the tools build on themselves. To let someone into an advanced class, when they don’t have the same foundation and language would put them at a disadvantage and neither benefit them or the other students. There are a lot of ways to do things. I like to use the analogy of martial arts. If you were a black belt in Judo and you decided to take Tai Kwando would the teacher make you a black belt immediately. No, you would start at the beginning. But… the benefits of your past experience would probably help you move and learn at a quicker pace. The same is the case with these energy tools.
  • Can you read the future when you are giving a psychic reading?
    Some people are hesitant about talking to a psychic because they worry the psychic will predict a negative future event. Just know that, psychics cannot predict the future. (None of them can) We live in a Free-Will universe and the future is dependent on a person’s goals as spirit and the choices they make. At the Intuitive Path Academy we are reading how the energy is being set in present time. So… while there are sometimes trends in the current “time” energy – a person can shift those trends by “choosing” to live their life differently.
  • I don’t want to be a professional psychic. So how will learning energy tools and developing psychic ability help in my life?
    Most people taking these classes are not wanting to be professional psychics. They are taking them for personal reasons. On top of feeling better, growing spiritually, managing your life with more ease and getting your body, mind and spirit into alignment so it’s easier to manifest – there are several other ways these abilities will help your life. When you enhance your clairvoyance – you are able to “read” various situations (work, family, relationships) and get a better grasp of what’s going on with yourself as well as the people around you. You can look at anything. Your company, your competition, how the energy is being set in the city you live in, etc. It’s endless. I’ve had numerous students and clients use these tools in the management of their businesses, families and personal lives.
  • Is studying online just as good as studying in person?
    Energy is energy. You can learn to see, experience and move energy just as easily at home, or on the phone as you can in person. Of course there are differences when taking our online vs in person program. The Pro’s of taking the online program is: You can work at your own pace in comfort of your own living room. You can review the class over and over again. You’ll get nifty cartoons instead of Kawena’s exciting drawing. And you can develop community with people from all over the world through our group. Con’s. – Have to wait till ________- to ask questions. Don’t get to see people in person. There are three exercises in the meditation class that one needs to practice on your own, rather then with a fellow classmate. You will feel a sense of accountability through the online group vs in person.
  • What is your refund policy?
    I stand by these classes. For both the Intuitive Mediation and the longer Energetic Healing Class if you take the whole class, practice the tools during the week and don't feel like you grew or experienced any result what so ever - I will give you a refund. Why do I offer such a generous refund policy? Because I know the tools work. That's why. I have total confidence in them.
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