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Who are our Students?

The people drawn to the Intuitive Path Academy are all ages and from all walks of life. But what they have in common is, they in one way or another, are trying to make sense of this energetic world we are all a part of. Everyone to varying degrees is psychic. Some people feel energy by picking up the thoughts and feelings of others. Some see it. Some hear it. Energy is energy. It’s there. It’s just we all perceive it a little differently.

The students that become a part of the Intuitive Path community are curious, open to amusement, desirous of healing and bettering their life, energetically sensitive in one way or another and open to growing spiritually. Ultimately, they are people who want to step away from a victim mentality and take ownership of their lives.

At the academy students feel like they can talk about their experiences without being judged or feeling crazy. In fact, people soon discover that many of their classmates have had similar paranormal experiences and they aren’t alone. And just like that, they’ve found their tribe. 

The attitudes of amusement, kindergarten, non-competition, non-judgement and neutrality are fostered by the school director and staff and taken to heart by the community. Intuitive awareness has nothing to do with status, age, education or economics, so we get people from all walks of life: doctors, nurses, therapists, engineers, waitresses, students, business people and all manor of healers and amazing energetic adventurers. 

As the students experiment with energetic tools, heal and grow spiritually, they often become an encouraging tight-knit community.  And many of the friends people make, are friends that will last them a lifetime… or in more likelihood – multiple lifetimes. 

So sign up for a class or book a professional or student reading and see if The Intuitive Path Academy is the right fit for you.

What are our Students Saying?