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Kawena Charlot founder of the Intuitive Path Academy


Kawena Charlot founded this Portland based Psychic school in 2013 with the goal of bringing more light, amusement and balance to the world. She is a gifted psychic, healer, and spiritual teacher who brings laughter, joy, healing, creativity and deep spiritual insight into her classes. 

She has the unique ability of being able to put energetic and spiritual concepts into every-day language which anyone can understand. She loves to laugh and get people up and moving in her classes with games which she believes makes the concepts more real, and there is nothing she likes better then to see people get that “ahh ha” look in their eye.


She’s helped thousands of people in the Portland area and around the US learn to manage their intuitive abilities, find their bliss, and create more of the life they are wanting.

She has a BA from UCLA and spent 6 years studying intuition and energy with some of the most knowledgeable teachers in the country. In her younger years she starred in a number of television shows and movies and spent countless hours doing theater. 

On the personal side, she enjoys hiking, travel, laughing with friends,
spiritual adventure, oil painting, and reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction.

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