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Why Intuitive Path Academy?

Why Choose Our School?

Ethics Trust Truth
Healing & Amusement

Kawena Charlot founded the Intuitive Path Academy almost a decade ago with several goals in mind for her students:

  • To help people handle the energetic world,

  • To have energetic and psychic fun,

  • To grow spiritually

  • And to learn how to use energy tools to heal and transform the major areas of a person’s life

Aligning both herself and the school with source, she and her staff come from the place of giving back and making a difference in the world, rather then ego. What that means is that she, as well as her teachers, do their best to walk their talk.

Kawena had the good fortune many moons ago, to learn from teachers who trained directly with Lois Bostwick (the man who originally developed the foundational Clairvoyant energy tools). Amongst the Clair Community, people joke that she is the grandchild generation.) “It was a great opportunity.” Kawena says. “I didn’t realize how lucky I’d been until later, when I ran into so many people trying to use the same tools in unhelpful or watered-down ways.  My training really gave me the benefit of being close enough to the source to really get the original teaching, but far enough away from it, to feel I can put my own spin on things.”

And spin she has. One of the many things that sets The Intuitive Path Academy apart from other schools is that Kawena has built upon the already amazing and effective Meditation and Clairvoyant programs.  She took those energetic and spiritual tools, combined them with psychological and success principles and created her own brand of transformative classes. She took months researching each topic, sometimes reading upwards of 20 books, with the intention of creating the most thorough healing experience possible. Each series is focused on the most important areas of peoples lives: Love and dating, Healing their Childhood so they can create with more ease, Success, Money and Health. This mixture of classic and new energetic classes acts as a one stop shop healing and spiritual center and has transformed the lives of countless students.

But this isn’t the only thing that sets The Intuitive Path Academy apart. There is so much more.

At the Intuitive Path Academy…

  • We are not in the business of telling you how to think. We are in the business of teaching you energetic tools so you can get your own answers.

  • We laugh a lot, especially if we are in person.

  • Most Classes are taught by Kawena Charlot, whose background as an actor and story teller makes for entertaining and enjoyable classes.

  • We are a stable, long running (almost a decade now), enthusiastic organization that’s successfully helped thousands of people.

  • The environment of the school is inclusive to people of both sexes and from all walks of life.

  • We are not in the business of making you feel guilty for your past. We are in the business of teaching you how to energetically and karmically release the past and step into a brighter future.

  • We are not so sensitive that we can’t take a joke. We embrace all jokes, even the ones you think no one will laugh at.

  • We are powerful individuals who walk in the light, have learned amazing tools and want to share those tools with others because we think they will help make the world a better place.

  • We are grounded not floaty.

  • We are professional.

  • We are expert clairvoyants.

  • We aim to build people up and help them discover their unique passions, voice and brand of self.

  • We get our power through our connection to source not through the adoring eyes of students.

  • We have witnessed and experienced the deep healing capacity of these energetic tools and know full well the healing and growth potential that can be obtained by moving energy and creating energetic mock ups.

  • We want to give students the opportunity to heal, grow and transform their lives.

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