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  • Energetic Healing - First Night Is Free
    Mon, Apr 10
    If learning how to heal your and others' energetic systems and bodies is something you want to do – then this zoom course is for you. In it, you’ll learn how to work with a healing master and you’ll heal your (and others) chakras, auras, energy channels, do healing project healings, and...
  • Update Your Money Blueprint and Step Into Prosperity
    Mon, Apr 10
    In this class we are going to use psychic and energy tools to: create more havingness for financial prosperity, release limiting programming and blocks from not only this life, but from other lives as well. We are going to learn how the mindset of wealthy people differs from that of the poor and mi
  • Intuitive Meditaton Free First Night
    Tue, Apr 11
    Intuitive Meditation - First Free Night
    I teach tools that will help you heal by managing your inner and the outer energetic world. These tools also enhance your intuitive abilities and help you grow spiritually. Who wouldn’t want all that right? The first night is FREE and we learn an amazing way to Ground so join us for this fun event.
  • Psychic Fair - Free First Night For Visitors
    Tue, Apr 18
    Get your questions answered and your energy moving with our Psychic Fair. Free to all first-time visitors to the school.
  • Release the Trauma of the Last Three Years
    Thu, May 11
    Feel mountains of energy and stress release out of your space as you say good bye to the energy and stress of the last three years. In this class we are going to quite our sympathetic nervous system and release the energy of war, pandemics and societal decay our of our bodies and energy field.
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