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Because you just know

Starts January 22 at 4:30pm/zoom/ 8 weeks

  In this 8-week course you will:

  • Learn to understand and identify the difference between masculine and feminine energy.

  • Learn how to female ground which will help with the desire to heal everyone around you.

  • Learn how to energetically heal your female body. – These meditations and tools are particularly useful to woman who have recently had children, want to have children, or don’t feel good about their bodies.

  • Become more attractive to others by using your Female Energy.

  • Work with a female Healing Spirit Guide to heal yourself.

  • Find energetic autonomy in the context of your family, friends and intimate relationships.

  • Release the energy of past lovers so you have more energy for relationships in present time.

  • Learn how to use your female energy to create and find more clarity with your personal goals.

  • Step into the divine feminine that is you and feel more vibrant and joyful within your body.

Price $400.00

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Image by Sam Manns

Carol J G - Oregon

The Women's Intuition class is so powerful and helpful for women to understand and learn about how special female energy is and how to use our own high vibrational energy to heal and balance our lives. It also shows us how women and men are different energetic beings and gives clues and tools so we can better understand and care for each other more effectively and lovingly. 

Treicia A Oregon

“I enjoyed the class, it was great to learn about female grounding and running female energy, which is so different than regular grounding and energy running. The insight into how men work in relation to our female energy was very enlightening as well. Thank You."
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