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Heal Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, Manifest Your Dreams through Intuitive Meditatio

Next Intuitive Meditation - Monday June 24th at 7:30 pm Taught by Kawena Charlot on Zoom

Learning how to control your energetic space and create more effectively is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. In this Intuitive Mediation series, you’ll learn simple yet powerful psychic energy tools which will radically change your life.  Take a step forward and
learn how to:

  • Replenish your energy.

  • Get amazing manifestation tools.

  • Start to understand the language of energy. What’s yours. What’s others.

  • Understand how this language impacts and effects your everyday life and the lives of those around you.

  • Create a comfortable space for your spirit and allow it to get more into your body.

  • Learn how to intuitively meditate. This will spin your chakras and raise your vibration.

  • Learn how energetically create more of what you want.

  • Get a tool to get you into present time.

  • Energetically release stress, others energy, annoyances.

  • Create energetic boundaries for your personal field as well as your home.

  • Understand and release Mental Image Pictures.

  • Receive psychic hits.

  • Solve problems energetically.

  • Start to enhance your clairvoyance.

  • Have fun with the amazing tool of Amusement.

These tools will allow you to:

  • Achieve more control over the direction of your life.

  • Manifest your hearts desires with more ease.

  • Release energetic blocks in your body.

  • Feel More Centered

  • Learn how to be less affected by your problems and how to handle difficult situations

       with more ease.

  • Create more spiritual awareness.

  • Begin communicating more easily with the divine..

  • Get more confidence and awareness

  • Have more fun.

  • Discover, explore and validate your intuition.

  • Control or handle psychic abilities with more ease.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Shield yourself from daily stress, irritants and other people’s energy.

  • Replenish your energy when you get drained.

  • Clean out negative energies in your home, office, or anywhere you go and then reset the

       energy the way you want it.

  • Clear your meridians and energy channels through a body centered meditation.

  • Learn to meditate more powerfully.

When you are in a state of curiosity, openness and “kindergarten,” it is easier to heal and create the life that you want. Come and explore your intuition and heal, in an environment that is fun, non-judgmental, free of competition and full of laughter.  Many of the students feel like it’s an oasis from their regular lives and the stresses of the world. And they look forward to being their Intuitive Meditation Class all week long.

One of my students said the following about her experience in mediation class:
“Mediation class has changed my outlook on myself and what I surround myself with.  I thought it would take me months or years to bring myself back to the “light” and I have never felt better. I feel like a whole new person.”These energetic tools have positively shifted the lives of countless people and they can shift your life too.


This class is being offered as on online class only at this time. It lasts two and a half hours and includes one fifteen-minute break. 

The Intuitive Meditation class is also one of the building block courses for the Clairvoyant Program. So, if developing psychic ability and growing spiritually is your goal, then this is a great place to start.


Just like a walk in the woods can be spiritually uplifting to a person from any religion, so too can these tools be spiritually uplifting.  This Intuitive Meditation Series is non-dogmatic and open to people of all faiths.


When you start utilizing and understanding how energy and intent affect the world around you and inside of you, the world suddenly becomes a much easier and joyful place. 

So… Take a step forward and Learn how to Heal Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Manifest Your Dreams.

You are worth it.​


The Total Price of the entire 8 weeks is $450.00


Early Bird Sale  (through weekend before class starts)  $395                        

Listen To What Are People Saying About Class.

Intuitive Path Academy

Intuitive Path Academy

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C. A.  Portland

“Prior to the start of class I was feeling anxious all the time, everywhere I went and especially around people. As a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I work with people and have found these tools vital to protecting myself in work. I have become so much happier, more relaxed and at ease since the start of class. My friends have even commented on my appearance saying I look a lot brighter. Growing up Christian I had a ton of strict religiosity that has been hard to shake. Kawena's teaching style, philosophy and way of being has allowed me to get back to a state of JOY, amusement and fun regarding spirituality. This is way better."
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