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Mon, Apr 04



Energetic Healing First Night Free

If learning how to heal yours and others energetic systems and bodies is something you want to do – then this zoom course is for you. In it you’ll learn how to work with a healing master and you’ll heal your (and others) chakras, auras, energy channels, do healing project healings and...

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Energetic Healing First Night Free
Energetic Healing First Night Free

Time & Location

Apr 04, 2022, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PDT



About the event

During the Energetic Healing  10 week course you’ll learn how to work with your very own Healing Master and give energetic healings to yourself and others. When you learn how to heal the energetic components of your body and the field around you a trickle down healing takes place that positively affects your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Healing the  auric field, and releasing others energy out of it, can positively affect our relationships, various life situations, states of mind and even our physical health. If our spiritual and energetic fields are blocked or in a state of dis-ease  this filters down and eventually can have a negative effect on the  physical body as well as the mind and emotional state. In this class you will learn how to heal these energetic areas which will allow your body, mind and spirit to more easily heal itself.

The fun part of these kinds of energetic healings is that you can give and receive them from people who are anywhere in the world. Over the course of this class you'll experience the affects of many of these healings first hand.  Don’t think for a second that this is the kind of class where you will  be sitting, listening, and taking notes. This class is full of laughing  and fun! You will be up and working on your fellow students and feeling,  lighter, brighter and healthier in the process.

By the time you’re finished you will have learned how to:

  • Replenish, retain, and recognize your own energy.
  • Protect your energetic space and heal without taking on  the energy of others.
  • Learn to feel the difference between your energy and  the energy of others.
  • Feel chakras, energy channels, the aura and other  energies with your hands.
  • Tune, align and balance chakras
  • Clear out blocks in energy channels and cleanse and  repair the aura.
  • Release energy cords that limit your growth, freedom  and your ability to consciously manifest your goals.
  • Learn how to remove “energy whacks” that cause  judgment, competition, and invalidation.
  • You will feel better around other people and in groups.
  • You will feel more emotionally even keeled and  energetically stable.
  • Use a proven system to work with spirit guides. As well as receive two vetted and trained guides to heal with.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the inter dimensional world we live in.
  • Operate with more amusement.
  • Perform many different kinds healings:
  • Heal a room or other physical space and objects
  • Create a deeper awareness of your psychic abilities.

This class is a fun, jam packed experience  that will shift your paradigm and give you tools and the methodology to  feel lighter, brighter and happier. You will have a blast getting back  to your true authentic self. And these tools and this language of energy is one you will use for the rest of your life.

On the first Free Night of the Energetic Healing course you’re going to learn about how healing energetically works, how we process the energy of others in our bodies and about grounding and replenishing your energetic field. Below is what one of my former students said about this amazing tool.

"I took the Energetic Healing Class and WOW. Her technique of grounding WORKED. I was finally able to be at peace in a crowd of people. My performance at work improved and so did my relationships. Grounding energy, such a simple concept, with such profound effects. “                                                                                                Lina S – Los Angeles, CA

Below is your zoom link to the Energetic Healing - First Free Night.

FYI - There is a substantial discount for the Energetic Healing 10 week course being offered to people who sign up BEFORE it starts. You can receive that discount and get more info about the entire 10 week Intuitive Meditation course by following this link.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Haley Bennett


Kawena Charlot


  • Energetic Healing -Free Night

    This free ticket is good for the first night of the amazing 8 week Energetic Healing Course where students will learn how to work with a healing master and heal their own and others physical and Energetic systems.

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