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Clairvoyant Feedback

During both my psychic readings and energetic healings I guide people towards a deeper understanding of their situation with clairvoyant feedback.   Clairvoyant understanding can cover several different areas: the worldly, the energetic and the spiritual.  Gaining  a  worldly understanding of a situation sounds like; “He is cheating on you because he wants a woman who he can be falling down drunk with at 5 PM on a Tuesday.” Having a thorough understanding of the situations we are in helps us make more educated decisions about how we want to operate within our lives. Clairvoyant feedback gives people information on the what, how, and why of their life creations. Our thoughts affect how we perceive the world. Internal stories also impact how we manifest. Clairvoyant feedback gives people the energetic reasons for what they are creating.  For example, I had a client that wanted to create a romantic relationship, but she kept telling herself the story that men didn’t look at her in a romantic way.  Once she understood more about energy and shifted her internal story, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were indeed men that were attracted to her. Clairvoyant feedback also helps people gain a deeper understanding of their lives from a spiritual perspective. People tend to grow the most through challenging situations, so often times a spirit will write these situations into their contract before they’re born. This is referred to as a “soul contract”.

I have a lovely client who had set himself up with this sort of challenging situation.  He had called and wanted a reading on his relationships with his brothers.

“They have always been assholes.  Ever since I was a kid. And the whole family seems to go along with it.”

I looked at the relationship from a worldly perspective and talked about the dynamics between the three brothers.

“Wow! You are describing this situation to a tee,” he exclaimed. Then I started telling him why he and his brothers had contracted to have this experience.  Apparently my client had a number of lives where he was a sort of golden child. He was the popular military solder who the girls all desired and the boys all wanted to drink with and emulate. He had been an Indian woman who was one of the joys of the community and was loved and supported by everyone in the tribe. He had been the kind of person who always said the right social thing and never rocked the boat. In the past he’d had such an abundance of community support, that in his current life, he’d wanted to challenge himself by being more independent.  He wanted to learn how to stand on his own two feet and dance to his own rhythm.  So, before he was born, he wrote this difficult sibling situation into his life contract.

“This all makes so much sense.” My client said.  “I have always sort of known this but sort of not known it.  Thinking of it like this though, I’m not really a victim.” “No, not at all.  On a soul level, this family choice is an act of courage. Often, our abusers are our biggest teachers. This world is very much like a classroom.  Our biggest challenges are our greatest lessons.”

Clairvoyant feedback provided my client with a deeper sense of understanding and he was able to step out of victim mentality, own the situation, see the positive lesson and eventually move out of pain. Getting clairvoyant feedback on your circumstances whether it’s on a worldly, energetic or spiritual basis gives you clarity and acts as a catalyst for acceptance and moving forward in your life.

I have helped many clients by giving them information through clairvoyant readings and energetic healings.  If this is something you are interested in feel free to contact me.

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