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Meditation - Go From Snappy to Happy

I have created a few meditations that I wanted to share with you. This weeks is titled Go From Snappy to Happy.

I know a lot of people have a lot of change in your lives. And if you don't have tools then change can be unnerving. My hope is this will meditation will help give you the energetic or emotional state change that you are looking for. You don't need any experience or to have taken any classes for this meditation to work. Listen by clicking the link below.

Also, if you have a second I would love to hear back from you and see what you thought of the meditation. Was it too easy? Too hard? Just right? I'm experienced with guiding students in meditation when they have a belt full of energy tools and these meditations have been created so anyone can use and enjoy it. So I truly would appreciate your feedback. And if you like it share it with your friends, family, and the snappy (ha ha ha) people in your life.

Enjoy the meditation by clicking the picture below.

Big Hugs To All Of You,


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