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We Are Supported By The Other Side

One of the big takeaways from this last weekends class is that we all have so much more support and guidance from Creator then we realize. Story after story poured out revealing so much care, kindness and support for us and our lives and spiritual growth. Often times people think they’re all alone making their way through the world and that nothing cares or notices them.  But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are loved.


On Saturday I had the students clairvoyantly look at times they’d started going off their life path and how God (sometimes using helpers) helped them get back on track. One person had a story of running into a stranger several times who later was instrumental in their moving out of a negative environment. Several saw how God created synchronicitys in meeting their husbands and having their lives positively impacted. The Intuitive Path Academy too, had been an instrument Creator used in helping people manage their lives and get back on track. I think we were all moved by the orchestration, synchronicitys and detail that was employed to individually help us. The love for us was palpable. 


We also clairvoyantly looked at times that people’s physical lives had been saved by God or Angels. One person shared how they saw an angel cover their body during a car accident while in the back of a rolling truck. And again, in another car accident, he saw how the spin of the car was changed by an angel, so that no one got too hurt. Another person shared how while rock-climbing, she’d fallen down a 30-foot cliff and was caught by angels just as she was about to hit the ground. Her fall was buffered so successfully that, instead of dying, she stood up without a scratch. A third student later shared how she’d fallen asleep with a candle burning. And an angel yelled in her ear and nudged her awake, just in time to notice fire embers on her pillow. A few minutes more and there would have been a house fire.


I thank the students who attended for taking spiritual steps. It was a wonderful afternoon. Psychic abilities can create such a unique and tangible form of spiritual exploration. It’s a blast. And there’s truly nothing else like it.  

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