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What is the difference between a Twin Flame versus a Soulmate?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hello hello! In my new vlog I discuss what a 'Twin Flame' and a 'Soulmate' are. Hope you enjoy!!

Hello, I’m Kawena Charlot and I’m the director of The School of Intuitive Living. The question is what is the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

This is a really good question. It’s definitely come up in several readings, so I will start with soul mate.

A soul mate, from the psychic perspective, from what I’ve seen doing thousands of readings, is generally a person that you have a lot of karma with. Karma is energy that you’ve left in the past.  It’s unfinished business per se. Sometimes people get it wrong in the first couple times and they keep coming together lifetime after lifetime to try to work out their differences.

Usually when I see someone that’s a soul mate that is what I see.  It doesn’t always mean that person coming back as a husband and a wife situation.  Sometimes they are mother/father, brother/sister.  Fighting in a war together – that’s actually an interesting one.  There is something about really watching each other’s back.  There is a real intimacy about fighting in war together.  I have seen the souls that are kind of intimately connected choose to do that one as well.

Soul mates are people that keep working on their relationship lifetime after lifetime.  How do you know if you are dealing with somebody who is a soul mate?  Usually you will feel a compulsion in one way or another.  Often times karma feels like you have no choice in the matter.  I have to make this person better.  I have to be there for that person.  It usually feels like there’s something driving you.   They have to learn about this.  There’s something driving you and you don’t quite know what that is.  Often times that kind of compulsion is karma.  So, that is what a soul mate is.  It is somebody who is trying to work through their relationship lifetime after lifetime

Oh, and one little caveat… people often think that soulmates are going to be “you see them across the room everything is loving”. You just meet and everything is most loving relationship you’ve ever seen.   Sometimes, but not usually! Once people really get to that place, and can maintain it, generally they are like oh we completed our stuff let’s continue our evolution as a soul. Keep growing by learning other lessons with other people.  Often the person that you’re the most challenged with is the person that’s your soul mate. Not necessarily the person that you see stars when you look at them across the room.

That is a soul mate

Twin Flames.  What people think a twin flame is, that when one soul has gotten so big and so full of love that it breaks into two.  Usually a male and a female and those two souls take two separate bodies and are forever fated to only be one when they are together.  That is what they believe a twin flame is.

I have a number of clients come in having been told that a person,was a twin flame.  In all my thousands of readings that I’ve done, I have never seen a twin flame.  I’ve just I’ve never seen it.

I usually see those people usually look like they have a lot of karma together. I’ve never seen someone who was a soul at one point that broke in half and became two people.  My little issue with that concept, and again if I see it then you know I’m proven wrong, but I’ve never seen it. What I have seen is the results of that belief system and what it did to various people.  It can be a really dis-empowering belief system – to believe that there’s only one person that you can be with and nobody else.

If that person doesn’t want to be with you then suddenly the people are faced with that belief system. Their other half supposedly not wanting to be with them.  They feel devastated and sort of lovelorn. Feeling like they’re never, ever, ever, going to have a truly, deeply, loving, connected, relationship.  I don’t believe that’s true. Any concept that dis-empowers you to that extent, or that creates a box that you have to be in, even if the people together and you’re like oh we’re two parts of the same soul…  that’s a box.  You have no choice if you feel like your soul is going be ripped in half if you are not with a person.  Now granted, break ups sometimes do you feel like you’re soul is being ripped in half – no doubt, they’re difficult. 

I’ve seen in reading after reading that everybody has their own soul. Their own soul is going through its own journey.    I have seen two souls intertwined in a karmic sense – but, I’ve never seen them intertwined in a souls existence kind of sense. 

I believe in empowering people.  As a concept, I want my clients and my students to be empowered. They can take steps on their own and they can create.  They can manifest amazing relationships. This idea that you only have one person out there and you are not whole without that person – feels like a dis-empowering concept for me.   That’s my thoughts on Twin Flames and my experiences with soul mates.  If you have a question for this blog please feel free to write me at   You have a nice day!

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