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During a reading I look clairvoyantly at your spirit and whatever situation or relationship you want me to focus on.  These types of readings take a lot more expertise then other forms of psychic readings. Because of this clairvoyant ability I can focus in on a wide range of topics: anywhere from another persons state of mind to past lives. The list is endless.  Clairvoyant readings are also a form of healing, because as I focus on the higher energy in a persons space and what they want to achieve or create, this helps them move energy, which in turn helps them heal.

I have helped thousands of people make productive positive choices. During your reading I will acknowledge and confirm your strengths and help you overcome your challenges.  If appropriate will describe the road you’re on and what you can do to get where you want to go. I help people gain a deeper understanding of the situations they are in.  If you are trying to make a decision, I will help you problem solve, look at the energy of various paths, this information provides clarity for your decision. So… whether you want to:

  • Meet the love of your life

  • Overcome a difficult situation in your home, job, or family

  • Create more economic abundance

  • Connect with a love one that’s past on to the other side

  • Understand a difficult relationship

  • Look at past lives

  • Decide which goals to pursue

  • Better understand your business and/or employee dynamics

  • Understand or get feedback on an intuitive child.

  • Understand the emotional/spiritual energy around physical and mental health issues

  • Connect to your masculine or feminine energy

  • Better understand a phobia

  • Communicate with a higher power

  • Grow spiritually

I can help.  During my psychic readings you can ask any question: big or small, simple or complex.  I can look at anything clairvoyantly.

I have a talent for helping people gain a deeper insight into their own, as well as another person’s, behavior and decisions.  Clairvoyantly seeing how and where people get stuck, helps me to move them through their blocks.  I also help people look at situations from a spiritual perspective of growth and learning.

Some people are hesitant about talking to a psychic because they worry the psychic will predict a negative future event.   Just know that, psychics cannot predict the future.  (None of them can) We live in a Free-Will universe and the future is dependent on a person’s goals as spirit and the choices they make.  As a psychic, I am reading how the energy is being set in present time.  So… while there are sometimes trends in the current “time” energy – a person can shift those trends by “choosing” to live their life differently. 

During my readings I can look at what happened in the past and what choices you can make in the present, to help you create the life you want in the future. Sometimes, if I feel it’s called for, I will use healing techniques (update karma, agreements, soul retrieval, connect with your akashic records, etc) to help you move specific energy.   My goal is to give you information that will empower you to take control of your life and allow you to make better/more informed decisions for you.

One of the things that set me apart from many psychics is my clairvoyance and my many years of intensive training and my certification.   While I was born with a lot of natural psychic ability (my mother and grandmothers on both sides were psychic) I spent many years training to use my clairvoyance (and other psychic skills).  Learning how to become a good clairvoyant reader is like training for the Olympics – it takes time, focus and dedication.  It was also a heck of a lot of fun.  Among other things, this training taught me how to separate my thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences from the person that I’m reading.  During the reading I have the ability to remain, grounded, neutral, and objective, no matter the intensity of the subject matter.

I can see spirits.  If we are working on healing a relationship with someone on the other side, these visits can lead to much joy, understanding and (if it’s called for) forgiveness.

While this all sounds very “serious” (and sometimes it is), these readings can also be filled with laughter and joy.  Sometimes people will be crying one minute and laughing their heads off the next.  When people leave, they often describe themselves as feeling a lot “lighter.”  And I regularly hear people say that a single reading changed their life.

If you are ready to gain  insight, heal, or create a different situation for yourself, then press the book now button and I look forward to helping you on your journey.



At the beginning of the reading I ask what it is that you want me to look at or heal: relationship, job, etc.  I write all of the questions down so I can set up a mini game plan and make sure I have time for everything. Then I connect to you and anything/or anyone else you want me to look at by saying your name three times.
There is nothing required of you during the reading except for you to sit and listen.  You are welcome to ask questions at any point throughout.  Occasionally, if I think helping you heal would benefit your situation in addition to giving you information, while we talk I will give you an energetic healing.
It’s best if there is no one else in the room during the reading. It’s very easy for me to pick up on other people’s energy and this could cause interference.   Also, these readings can sometimes be very personal and having someone else there, no matter how close, can interfere.  You are welcome to take notes or tape the readings.  Then if you want to share it with your loved ones afterwards you are welcome too.
If you have a baby or a small child and your only option is to have them in the same room with you this is fine.


You can cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment.  Any time after there will no refund.


Readings are usually an hour and change.  If the reading goes over I won’t charge any additional fees.  Your reading is scheduled for the appointed time.  If you are late then your reading time will be shortened


If you have a number within the US then I will call you.

If you are calling from outside the US then I prefer you call me.
If you are in the US – make sure you give me your number when you schedule your appointment.


If you want to bring a recorder or record the session on your end of the phone, you’re welcome to arrange that. It is difficult for me to operate a recording device while I’m in Trance.


A one hour reading is $200.  Your reading space is held when you book your session.  Sessions are booked through Genbook which collects credit card information.  You won’t be charged until the day before the reading.  If you have specific needs in terms of payment feel free to let me know.


I don’t do half hour sessions.  It takes me half an hour to an hour to prepare for a reading by meditating.  My work is detailed and in depth and time doesn’t allow for me to split readings up and still provide the quality of service that I work at.  In addition, I need to meditate in between readings so that I can see more clearly.  Splitting a reading between two people will just reduce the product and time for everyone.


If you are coming specifically to talk to someone that’s passed over, then just realize that I can’t always guarantee that a spirit is going to show up.  In addition: spirits sometimes look different when they are on the other side.  For example your grandma can show up looking 30 rather than 85.  I had one mother present herself in an outfit she wore to a costume party.  In addition keep in mind that my primary psychic ability is clairvoyance – which is the ability to “see” energy, images, symbols (sometimes things play out like a movie) as well as spirits. So for me, talking to spirits is often like a game of Pictionary.  I have learned to just relay the images, events, and movies that I’m seeing to the client.  Usually the client understands the communication and there have been many profound, touching moments, as well as a lot of forgiveness.
Usually a loved one is just as excited to talk to you as you are to them.  But if for some reason if it is not the right moment for them to show up, then what I do, is use my psychic ability to get information on how that person is doing.  Connecting clairvoyantly to people on the others side is just as easy as connecting to them here.


The more open minded you are the more the energy flows which makes it easier for me to psychically read you. My information comes in, in images, feelings, symbols and sometimes it plays out like a movie.  But this is not an exact science.  If you have an “agenda” that involves “testing the psychic” instead of getting quality information that will help you in your life, I prefer you find another psychic to test.  There is a difference between skepticism and testing.  Don’t worry about being skeptical, that’s normal and healthy, particularly if you are a first time client.  Usually, very early on in the reading you will realize that I am the real deal and I have the best of intentions for you and your situation.  But just realize, the more open in your spirit you are, the more I will be able to see and better help you.  If someone is testing me, it’s the energetic equivalent of trying to read a book with the cover sealed shut and locked.


Enter your FAQ answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and consider adding a visual to elaborate or add engagement. Check what you’ve written to make sure that it’s easy to understand for all visitors.


When you get a clairvoyant reading there can be a lot of energetic movement and healing that occurs in your body and spirit.  So, afterwards I suggest taking it easy for the day.  What I mean by that is, not scheduling “intense” family or work related conversations, avoiding low vibrational horror films, that sort of thing.  Just be nice and listen to yourself.  If you need to take a bath, or a nap or go for a walk in the woods then do that.  Drink a lot of water.

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