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Meditating in Nature

Thank you for joining us for the Deluxe Intuitive Meditation series. My last round of students shifted so many parts of their lives.  I'm excited to see the steps that you are going to take. During this class you will learn simple tools and effective techniques for managing the energy of people and situations around you, feeling better, and creating with intention.   With practice, these tools will help to empower you and help you create the you and the life that you want.

The class is on Mondays at 6:30 and runs for two  to two and a half hours.  It starts January 18th and runs for 13 weeks. There will be a fifteen minute break in the middle of class.  I will be sending you zoom links a week before class starts.

For the second week of class please have a – few pieces of chocolate, a piece of paper and some crayons or colored pens. 

The Deluxe Meditation class will be taped (that’s why it’s the deluxe version) through zoom. The plan is to have it be a part of a future online class.  I’ve included a release form.  If you wouldn’t mind signing that and sending it back before class starts I would appreciate it.   This is definitely going to be a special class.

It's been wonderful to see my students blossom and move forward in their lives in so many exciting ways. Whether it's creating romance, to getting higher paid jobs, loosing weight, manifesting “things” or having more peace and ease in their personal lives or home situations.  I am excited to watch you take steps forward in your life.

I'm looking forward to being a part of your spiritual journey. Again, welcome. Let the adventure begin.

With Much Warmth and Enthusiasm,

Kawena Charlot



Welcome to Deluxe Intuitive Meditation

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