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See the Unseen

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By physically “feeling” energy you learn how to heal yourself and others.  By feeling and understanding the energy around and inside of you, you learn how to differentiate between what is your energy and emotions and what is everything else. And along with this deeper understanding of the energetic language, one starts to feel calmer, happier and more in control.

By learning how to “move” energy – you learn how to release limiting thought patterns and re-program yourself, thus creating a more happy, joyful and passionate experience. You will step into consciously creating the life you want.

While there isn’t a specific dogma attached to this training – there are certain

spiritual and energetic principles you can learn which will help you play the

game of life more effectively.  Learning this psychic/energetic skill-set develops

a model for creating healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, a healthier body

and a deeper relationship with the God of your heart.

The Online Clairvoyant Program. (The prerequisite is Intuitive Meditation):

·        Consists of 14 months of weekly Classes and practice sessions. These will

         be a mixture of online and in person classes. With a majority of the classes

         being audio/video. You will be able to take these classes at your own pace

         and from the comfort of your own home. As an online student you will also

         have the benefit of retaking classes as often as you like.

·        Monthly Live Zoom Teacher hours with Kawena Charlot where you can

         ask questions about the class material.

·        Live weekly practice or reading sessions held over the phone or zoom.

·        Life time access to a private online forum where you will meet and foster

         relationships with amazing like-minded people from all over the world.

         Growing intuitively and going on parallel journeys together creates an

         amazing supportive environment as well as a more powerful experience.

·        The more active you are in the program, the greater benefits you receive.  We are surrounded by an                     energetic world 24/7. We like to think of this as a 24 hour a day program.

The following is a list of some of what you’ll learn during the course of the Live Clairvoyant Program.

·         You’ll learn to clairvoyantly read yourself and others which will give you an advantage in a million different            situations

·         You will read past lives, life paths, answer questions and learn to clairvoyantly trouble shoot.

·         Learn to read spiritual Agreements and complete Karma in yourself and others.

·         Get Neutral to people, places, situations, present and past life events.

·         Deal with dichotomies the world throws our ways.

·         Enhance your telepathy and clairaudience, clairsentience.

·         Learn how to create and de-energizing mental pictures. As well as define and protect your aura and                      energy field. This will also help your mental state and the creation of your goals.

·         Learn how to program and set space for your day, work, family, mental states and goals.

·         Learn to communicate with the God of your Heart, healing guides, deceased loved ones, and how to deal            and manage troublesome energies.

·         Telepathically communicate with animals.

·         Clear your chakras, energy channels, telepathic channels, cut chords and release other people’s energy.

·         You will learn how to de-program your thoughts, beliefs, energy field.

·         You will give and receive many, many kinds of healings.

·         You will visit your Akashic records and learn how to work with your Akashic Record Keeper.

·         You will learn to astral travel and set your sleep space.

·         You will heal, understand, and manage your energetic anatomy.

·         Heal houses and objects.

·         Learn Mediumship as well as gain an understanding of the different kinds of entities and the different                    methods of handling them. This includes utilizing angels.

·         Gain more seniority. Meaning you will have more of an understanding of what’s your own thoughts and                goals and what’s the influence of other energies that are affecting you.

·         Be able to see into different dimensions or overlays.

·         Understand, heal, and clean Memory Banks and other parts of your energetic anatomy.

·         Remote view.

·         Heal your parent, child adult.

·         Learn how to easily move through emotional and energetic blocks.

·         Learn all about many different kinds of mental image pictures: perfect, core, death, etc.

·         Gain a deeper understanding of universal and energetic laws and principles.

·         Get your energy back from Report Stations.

·         Sympathetic nervous system.

·         Heal energetic parts of Brain.

·         Understand Transmediumship.

·         Kundalini.

·         Visit Healing Clinics hosted by God of your Heart.

·         Create a deeper relationship with the God of Your Heart. Includes talking telepathically and getting                      healings.

·         Heal different energetic bodies.

·         Heal spirits that have past-on and are in different dimensions.

·         Plus much more!

In the first half of the program there is a emphasis on raising vibration, healing and

developing and understanding the psychic ability. In the second half the students

take those abilities and principles and fly.

A few tenants the school operates under.

·         These tools are taught in a simple, fun, non-judgmental environment of

          kindergarten and amusement. While these tools are extremely powerful,

          they are presented in a simple way that’s easy to grasp. We embrace open

          dialog, questions and individuality. 

·         While we do believe in karma. We don’t say that there is “a” way to go

          through life or “a” philosophy that you have to believe in.  What we do, is

          teach you tools so you can find your own truth and grow spiritual in your

          own way.  The goal of the school is to create a fun, safe and spiritually

          connected place for you to learn, grow, heal and explore in.  The teachers

          are gifted psychics who can “see” what’s going on with you on an energetic

          level. This helps us to better validate and support your journey every step

          of the way.

Goals/Objectives of the Program

·         To use intuitive ability to create the life you want, heal and grow spiritually.

·         Clairvoyantly read and heal relationships and any situation in your life.

·         Have spiritual Freedom.

·         Have seniority over your space.

·         Heal your past and transform your future.

·         Pull your energy out past events and people giving you more energy to create with.

·         To understand the language of energy. What’s yours. What’s not.

·         Recognize and listen to your intuition.

·         Protect your body, spirit and aura in any situation.

·         Work with selected spirit guides and your Akashic Record Keeper to access information and healing.

·         Instantly shift your energetic vibration.

·         Make immediate and permanent transformations.

·         Exchange negative emotional and mental states for positive ones.

·         Empower yourself in aspect of life – at home, work, in relationships and family.

·         Exchange old, destructive patterns with healthy ways of being.

·         Integrate your spiritual goals with the rest of your life.

·         Become a more balanced, creative, healthy, happy human being.

·         Learn techniques that will help you manifest your goals, let go of what doesn’t work in your life and bring              in what you want.

·         Complete life times of karma.

·         Develop a deeper connection to the God of Your Heart.

·         Enhance your abilities.

·         Have Fun!

                                                                                    How can I use these skills in my everyday life?


                                                                                     The way people use these tools is endless. And miracles at                                                                                            the school are almost common place. I have had students:                                                                                             create amazing companies, create amazing relationships,                                                                                             move from depression to enthusiasm, lose 80 pounds, get                                                                                             million-dollar deals, learn how to self-advocate, laugh more,                                                                                         heal themselves of terminal illness, heal relationships with                                                                                             their families, get more self-confidence, have their senses of                                                                                         smell, hearing and taste become more acute. The list goes on                                                                                 and on.  Once these tools become a habit, using these                                                                                                 psychic senses becomes as natural as seeing or smelling. And                                                                                       you know how beneficial those senses are.

                                                                                     This training has helped many people from many walks of life.                                                                                       It can help you too. So tap into your personal power, take a                                                                                           step forward and create the life you want.

Clairvoyant Monthly Fee $295 a month auto billing. If you pay for the whole program at once save $280.

Total cost for 14 month program is 3850


If you have any questions about the Clairvoyant program not covered here feel free to call 310-592-3141.

Intuitive Meditation is a prerequisite to this program. In that class you will foundational tools that will be used here.


I started learning from Kawena in Feb. 2013. I knew very little about the energetic reality. I was 66 years old with many burdens of a difficult life. I actually wanted to die. Too much pain and I didn't care anymore. But from my very 1st class with Kawena I began releasing so much stuck burden energy that for the 1st in many years I had hope! I've been to all of Kawena's classes and still going. I'm 70 yrs old. I'm happy and healthy and full of gratitude!

Image by Casey Horner

I had a student reading this week and it was such a great experience. The students who did my reading were fun to talk to and we had a great time discussing what my chakras and my past lives they revealed. I've been on a personal growth path for the last year and have been trying to improve the energy I bring into this world so my reading revealed that I am on the right path. I highly recommend taking a class or signing up for a reading here.

14 Months Monthly Auto Bill 



Save $280 on Full 14 Month Program!


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