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Moving Energy

Most of the time while giving a client a reading or healing I also help them move energy.  This is what sets my style of psychic reading apart from many others.  I not only clairvoyantly read you and give you feedback, but I can help you move energy so that you can feel better or create what it is that you want.

What you have to remember is that everything is energy.  All emotions are energy; most of us have a certain amount of energy built up in our past events.  There is also energy (usually in the form of thoughts and stories) in and around what it is that you want to create.

How does this work?  Well for example I recently had a client book a session when she was going through a break up.

“The bastard is cheating on me again.” She declared the second she walked in the door.  “I know it.  I’m ten times better then that skanky ho he’s run off with.  She’s a user, a drug addict. So why would he leave me? I don’t get it. ”

Well… it turns out that the drug addiction was the big draw.  The man was an alcoholic and he was more comfortable with someone that matched his own addictive tendencies.  I gave her the feedback she was asking for in the situation. Then (along with doing separations), I helped her move the energy of sadness, anger and inadequacy from her energy field.  When she left, she not only had a deeper understanding of the why’s of her situation, but she also felt better.

This combination of moving energy combined with a deeper understanding of a situation can be very powerful.

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